Why all Voters are "Low Information Voters"


News pundits talk about “low information voters.” However TransGov argues that all voters - no matter how well we are educated or politically informed -  are low information voters. This is because the US Congress and Administration refuse to transparently disclose to us how Government spends our money.

A few examples include:

  1. Government's annual financial reports are not designed for voters to understand; instead politicians and bureaucrats designed these reports to deceive us.

  2. Government's financial reports do not disclose the true costs of key government expenses - e.g. Medicare fraud, tax benefits to corporations, or aggregate welfare costs, to name only a few.

  3. Government's annual financial reports grossly under-report the true long-term costs of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

  4. Government reports fail to disclose the true costs of government waste and duplication.

Other examples of Government's accounting disclosure failures are too many to count.

Because US Government rails to transparently disclose its spending to us, all voters are "low information voters." Consequently, we do not have information to meaningfully control government spending. This leaves the door wide open for big-money donors and powerful interests to control government in hidden ways, at citizens' expense.

To solve this problem, TransGov recommends legislation that makes government report transparently to voters in the same way large corporations must report to their shareholders. To learn more, see How to Make Government Financially Accountable